Kashmir tourism package: The Treasure of natural beauty

Littered around the white snow and pine trees falling snowflakes come here who really give the impression of a new world. Whither Dudhaaa sight, just look at that snow looks and enjoy snow sports people come from different parts of the country. Jammu and Kashmir in the winter view those who cannot be described and there is a pattern to see a saying: “If there is paradise on earth is here somewhere, right here, right here.”

kashmir tourism holiday bpackage
Beauty of Kashmir 

Jammu and Kashmir tourist destination not only in summer but in winter attract tourists. Interesting tourist destinations in Jammu and Kashmir tourism is the fact that those who come here never move to the days of terrorism were not stopped. The difference was just that they cannot access a tourist site moved to the other.

Now that the plaintiff has been put on ice sheet. Tulip poplar trees have been. The glow on the mountains like Sheen has put silver foil. Plaintiffs say the sight paradise and heaven for hobbyists is the perfect time to visit. The last few days have been a string of snow began.

Not the magic of nature untouched by the Jammu division. Snow has also been Ntthatap Jammu Patnitop casualty taken by the fog. Kashmir holiday tourism this season will come enthusiasts will know why the state is called paradise.

The beauty of Kashmir

Like the many tourist attractions in the state where the tourist is all over wanting to Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Pahalgam and Patnitop lasts hardly be without. The first of these three different directions in the Kashmir Valley, the fourth on the way to Kashmir Jammu Patnitop falls.

The first thing to Gulmarg. It is located in Baramulla district of Kashmir division. It is at a distance of 57 kilometers from Srinagar. Passenger bus from Srinagar to Gulmarg can be reached in two hours. IT is a popular destination of Kashmir tourism package, you can enjoy skiing, golf course, in addition to tracking the world’s highest cable car and the shrine of Sufi saint Baba Rishi.

Couple in love

Sonamarg Kashmir Gulmarg is known to be the heart of visitors can be sure. At 2,730 meters above sea level in Kashmir Sonamarg division precedent in terms of beauty is you. Hotels in and out of state are Sonamarg tourist fare starts at about 1400/-.

The private vehicle to and from Srinagar to Sonamarg charges a two and a half thousand rupees. Before moving here from the tourist office located in Srinagar. Kashmir tourism Package is one of the most frequently visited place for honeymooners.

Bollywood has been identified as the cause of Pahalgam Aru Valley and Betav Valley around it has been several shooting and traditional way to visit Amarnath is also here. The beauty of Pahalgam settled on both sides of the river Lidder your example is you.

Do not talk about it all the Patnitop defeats the purpose of the Jammu and Kashmir tourism could be coming. Jammu-Srinagar highway at 108 km from Jammu, this world-renowned tourist destination. Surrounded by dense pine and oak trees and 2004 meters above sea realization of heaven on earth makes Patnitop.

Why people prefer Kashmir holiday package for spending holidays?

Kashmir is a place where beauty of nature is on peak. Kashmir holiday package is an extraordinary trip for nature enthusiasts.  All the places of Kashmir are blessed by the god. The experience of sightseeing in Kashmir is always memorable.

Activities to make your Kashmir holiday package memorable

As we all know Kashmir is a rich variety of geography. There are lots of sports to enjoy in Kashmir. We have listed some activities that can make your trip memorable-

Shikara Ride: –

Shikara ride is one of the most peaceful aspects of holidays in Kashmir. The views of colorful houseboats from the lake are truly amazing.

Skiing: –  


Skiing in snow-covered peaks of Great Himalayas is the thrilling experience for anyone. Skiing through the top of the mountain is a real adventure.

Mountain Biking: –

Mountain biking is an adventurous activity during Kashmir holiday package. Bicycle riding through the tuff roads of Jammu and Kashmir is really challenging for the riders.

Mountaineering: –

Kashmir has a variation in heights. There are several mountains where you can enjoy Mountaineering. The mountains are low and high some are challenging and some are simple. Visitors have their own choices.

Golfing: –

Enjoy the leisure by playing golf in most elevated golf course in the world. Gulmarg is one of the best locations for playing golf.

Trekking: –

The most challenging game to play, candidly one can say that Kashmir is the trekking capital of India. Visitors love to take trekking experience.

Shopping: –

Kashmir is known for handicrafts, textile, shawls, carpets and fruits. You can shop Kashmiri silk, copper and silverwares.

Paragliding: –

Paragliding in Kashmir tourism package

Gliding through green meadow and snow covered mountains is a mesmerizing experience e for the visitors.

Angling and Fishing: –

Kashmir is a land of rivers lakes and streams so there are lot of option for fishing, these rivers makes Kashmir is a paradise of angling and fishing. Pahalgam is considered as the top spots for fishing.

Bird Watching: –

Apart from the nature sightseeing visitors can enjoy the bird watching in Kashmir tourism package. There are 24 wetlands where you can see the birds from all over the world. The Laddakh and Gharana are the popular destination for seeing local and migratory birds.

Best Tourist places to visit in Pahalgam tourism package

Pahalgam is located in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. Pahalgam tourism is full of scenic beauty and less intervention of humankind. This popular destination is located in the banks of Lidder River. Pahalgam is originally a herdsman’s village and now become the premier holiday destination of India. The views of gurgling rivers and snow peaks make this an ideal destination for the nature lovers.

Betaab valley in Pahalgam
Betaab valley,  Pahalgam

Pahalgam Tourism is a one of the main phase of the annual Amarnath yatra. The initial spot of the yatra is Chandanwari that takes place in the month of Sawan. In Chandanwari you can find snow even in the summers.  Chandanwari and Amarnath are the major Pahalgam tourist places in a Kashmir travel trip. Once you visit here the attractiveness of the nature make sense of environment conservation.

Pahalgam tourist places: –    

Pahalgam is simply full of Snow valleys, horse riding, Chandanwari glacier and warm behavior of local people. It was amazing experience for visitors.  Here I have listed some places of Pahalgam tourism places-Tulian lake, Pahalgam

  1. Kolhoi Glacier
  2. Betab Valley
  3. Aru
  4. Baisaran
  5. Chandanwari
  6. Mattan
  7. Lidderwat
  8. Tulian Lake
  9. Mamaleshwar Temple
  10. Hajan

Betaab valley surrounded by the green meadow and Snow Mountains, this valley is a popular destination of shooting Bollywood films. Betaab valley is popular among the Hindi movie lovers and the best sightseeing place of Pahalgam Tourism.

Baisaran is listed on the fourth place on the list of Pahalgam tourist places. It is located 5 km far from Pahalgam with full of eye catching meadow. It is really a treat for the senses of visitors.

Tulian Lake is a very beautiful spot among the several destination of Gulmarg tourism, the allure of this pristine water is outstanding.

Mamaleshwar Temple is the famous temple of Lord Shiva built in 12th century. The temple has Shiva lingam with water spring covered by basin.  Explore the Pahalgam tourist places in cheap prices and enjoy the allure of nature in Pahalgam Tourism package.

Coolest holiday home in Gulmarg Travel Tourism

Gulmarg tourism is one of the finest experiences to keep. The weather changes every hour and respectively the beauty reflects itself by the time. On a sunny day you get fascinated by the changing beauty of the place within hours.

During winters you get snow especially in Novembers to April, excluding these months the sunny sky has a real pleasure to watch. You can enjoy the Nature by finding your holiday home in Gulmarg.

Gulmarg Gondola ride: –  

Gulmarg have one of the highest cable cars to explore the beauty. The place is so stunning, that is the reason tourist attracts to the Kashmir and they must spend one day here to just watch the beauty of valley. In a Gulmarg gondola ride then don’t forget to capture the spectacular beauty of hills and the nature.

gulmarg gondola ride time
Gulmarg Gondola Ride

The French company had built the first phase of the Gulmarg Gondola ride project; this is a joint venture of Kashmir government and French company. The ride starts from Afarwat Mountain. The gondola ride is an amazing experience of Gulmarg tourism.

Gulmarg Travel: –

Skiing in Gulmarg
Skiing in Gulmarg

Gulmarg is the popular destination for the tourist, it is known for the winter sports. In the month of November when snow covers the entire place makes it most eye-catching destination. The major attraction of Gulmarg Travel are-

  • Afarwat Mountains
  • Acchabal
  • Alpather Lake
  • Gulmarg Gondola ride
  • Fishing Pond
  • Golf Course

Holiday home in Gulmarg:-   

Holiday Home in Gulmarg in cheap prices
Holiday Home in Gulmarg

You can find accommodation facility both standard and economical. The huts that are developed in a Kashmir architect style are remarkable. You can enjoy in Gulmarg tourism in cheap prices and can get best holiday home in Gulmarg in your budget.

The place is the land of flowers, once Mughal emperor Jahangir collected 21 different types of flower from here.  You can spend holiday from hotels and resorts that are comfortable or you can go for the outdoors. Gulmarg gondola ride is a real pleasure of Gulmarg travel.

Kokernag: A popular tourist destination of Kashmir tourism package

Kokernag is located in Kashmir and one of the main destinations of Kashmir tourism package. In Holidays you never want to miss the opportunity to see the place which is blessed with such an incredible nature.

Every year many visitors seek the serenity and stillness of Kokernag. The waterfall of Kokernag is the largest fresh water spring of north India.

Attraction of Kokernag in Kashmir tourism package: –

The famous Amarnath cave is around 55 km far from the Kokernag; the caves of Amarnath are the home of the Ice shivlinga. Every year many devotees of Lord Shiva come here.

  1. Botanical Garden, Kokernag : –

Botanical garden of Kokernag is one of the must visit place of Kashmir. The red roses, alpine, tulip and huge variety of plants are the major attraction of this garden.

  1. Kokernag Rose Garden, Kokernag: –

If you love roses then this garden can truly amaze you. The sprawling garden with fragrance of roses can truly blossom your soul.

botanical garden Kokernag
Botanical garden, Kokernag
  1. Kokernag Waterfall, Kokernag

This waterfall is also known as The “Papashudan Nad”. Here you can enjoy the sightseeing of nature in Kashmir tourism package.

  1. Achabal, Kokernag: –

This beautiful garden is developed by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The beauty of the garden is the true charm of Kashmir Valley.

Near By Cities from Kokernag: –

  • Srinagar
  • Anantnag
  • Gulmarg
  • Pahalgam

Kashmir is a state with a wonderful climate and plenty of natural wonders. Kashmir tourism package is the invitation from the heaven.  Kokernag is the best place to visit in this trip.

Most Preferred Tourist Attractions of Kashmir holiday package

Kashmir with the beautiful sight scene attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Kashmir holiday package is the best for spending leisure. Here one can enjoy the nature, sports, culture and explore the hills.

kashmir holiday package in cheap prices
Gulmarg in winter season

Main attraction of the Holiday package Kashmir: –

Mughal Gardens: –

Mughal gardens is developed in the time of Jahangir, the blossomed of different kinds of flower can amaze any visitor. The architecture of this garden is built in a Persian style.

Shanti Stupa:  –

It is the symbol of peace; this is the one of the major pilgrim of Buddhist. This is the most preferable destination for the leisure; here you can also enjoy the skiing, hiking rafting and other adventures activity.  These activities switch your Kashmir holiday package into an adventures journey.

Mubarak Mandi Palace:-

This is the finest place if you are looking for the Kashmir painting, the art of different painters showing the Kashmir tradition and culture is drawled by the painter.

Ragunath temple: –

Raghunath temple have seven shrines, it is the largest temple of north India. Maharaja and his son Maharaja Ranbir Singh has built this temple during 1835-60.The temple are dedicated to the Lord Rama. This temple is one of the major destinations of Kashmir holiday package.

Dal Lake: –

The Dal Lake named as the “Jewel in the top of Kashmir”. The 15.5 kilometers are covered by snow in winter season. During July and august the lake is blossoms with flower.

Pahalgam: –

Pahalgam is one of the world famous hill station, here you can enjoy the trekking and make your trip memorable. The unique architecture of houses is another important part of the Pahalgam.

Apart from the above places many places are also known for their beauty and history, In Kashmir holiday package you can experience the heaven on earth.